2004: Serge Buy and Chris Frantz Federally incorporate Flagship Solutions.
2006: Flagship Solutions has worked with ten clients in less than two years…
2011: Flagship Solutions grows: Toronto office is opened.
2012: In just 8 years, Flagship reaches 50 clients.
2014: Ten years after its creation, Flagship Solutions’ senior partners manage over 20 employees and   budgets totalling over $3.5 million.
2015: Flagship Solutions expands to Western Canada with operations in Victoria, BC

Sectors of activity

Through the experience gained by working with dozens of clients and the diverse professional backgrounds of our team members, we have expertise in various sectors of activity:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Information technology
  • Infrastructure
  • International relations
  • Procurement
  • Science & research
  • Social services
  • Trade
  • Transportation


We get it. Doing the same thing, over and over again, brings the same old tired results. This is why we do things differently in order to deliver for our clients.

We listen. It’s not about us. It’s about you.

We research. Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. This is why we look at the past to prepare for the future.

We prepare.

And then we act. Since 2004, we:

  • Implemented communications strategies designed to reassure the public about food safety issues
  • Found ways to bridge philosophical divides between an NGO and government officials
  • Tripled revenues for clients over a period of two year
  • Dealt (on the public relations side) with complex legal issues

In every case, we led innovative strategies designed to deliver tangible results for our clients.


At Flagship Solutions you’ll find a team of seasoned professionals from various fields, politics, strategists, not-for-profit management, business, communications (corporate and NGOs), etc.

This has allowed us to maintain our effectiveness despite what government is in power.

We have been either interviewed, quoted or have been published in newspapers and magazines including:

  • CBC
  • CTV
  • Global
  • Ottawa Citizen
  • Huffington Post
  • Windsor Star
  • Globe and Mail
  • Toronto Star
  • IT World Magazine
  • Ottawa Business Journal
  • Vancouver Sun

We also spoke at meetings and conferences throughout the country for organizations such as:

  • The Alliance of Sector Councils
  • Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors


We abide by all federal, provincial and territorial regulations on lobbying activities.

We support and follow the Code of Conduct developed by the Government Relations Institute of Canada (GRIC) and the Ethical Principles listed by the Public Affairs Association of Canada (PAAC). Both can be found here:

Flagship goes one step further.  We have self-imposed certain guidelines that we believe are essential in order to properly represent our clients:

  • Flagship Solutions will not work directly for a government (federal, provincial and/or territorial). We do not believe that it is possible to derive any revenues from a government department and adequately represent our other clients trying to lobby the same department. This is, in our view, a real conflict of interest.
  • When approached by a possible new client in a sector of activity where we already have another client, we disclose it to both parties (existing and potential clients) and seek approval from both parties prior to accepting this new client.
  • Staff members are free to engage in political activities. They are however asked not to be official spokespeople for any political party. We are neutral and will continue to provide our clients with unbiased information.