Our Clients

By using a “Main Street not Bay Street” approach, Flagship Solutions is able to cater government relations and public relations strategies around each client individually, and we get results.

Here are just a handful of quotes from our clients:

Serge Buy has defined what true innovation in government relations and effective public relations is all about. Flagship solutions provides these services at their best, and through Flagship’s efforts, our sector has been recognized like never before! Thank you Serge for making such an impact. From a longtime member of a national association managed by Flagship Solutions:

Thank you for your energetic, provocative and inspiring presentation at our Annual General Meeting. Your presentation to our members helped connect the dots on important government relations and communications issues. Well Done! From the President of a provincial private college association:

Without help from Flagship Solutions and its great staff we could not have reached nor exceeded our dreams. We truly appreciate your expertise and support.From the Executive Director of a large regional charitable organization

The combination of your personal anecdotes, experience and thorough knowledge resulted in an understandable and in-depth session on lobbying and advocacy. The resources you provided are invaluable.
I would not hesitate to recommend Flagship Solutions services or workshops.

From the Director of a national association of health care professionals

Flagship Solutions has worked with us to create visibility for our issues related to policies on public procurement. Through their efforts, our concerns have been mentioned in the media, in Parliament and throughout our industry. Furthermore, their lobbying has allowed us to change government policy on procurement and has had an impact on a multi-billion dollar project.From the chair of an organization representing small and medium sized enterprises in the IT sector

I was able to leave the seminar and immediately begin applying the tips I learned at the seminar.From the financial manager of a non-profit organization:

Flagship Solutions impressed us with both the quality of their input, and the sheer volume of work they were able to do. This was a very complex project with a relatively short timeline. Flagship helped us organize and produce the work, respecting our in depth knowledge of the problem, while contributing their own ideas and solutions which added to the quality of the effort.From the Acting President of a national organization representing a professional sector

Thank you so much for helping us out. In less than 12 hours you have helped us make incredible progress. From the managing general partner of a major venture capital fund

Flagship Solutions has worked since 2004 with our Association to provide us with strategic advice, timely information and help in the implementation of government relations plans (both at the federal and provincial levels). With Flagship Solutions’ support, the Association has been able to achieve a number of results which benefit our membership. They developed a model through which they provide information, training and advice to their clients who remain their own spokespeople with government officials. We found this to be very effective.From the chairperson of a public service union

Thank you for your work. Your documents are always useful for us. It helps me a lot with my work.From the political attaché of an embassy in Ottawa

Commencing in 2007, Flagship Solutions has assisted us in navigating the intricate relations between media and parliament in our challenge of a government procurement process. Through Flagship’s efforts, we made and continue to make considerable progress. By focusing the attention of journalists, parliamentarians and government representatives on contract irregularities, Flagship has increased public awareness of the issue and also helped our case. From the owner of a medium-sized company in the IT sector

Sectors of activity
Through the experience gained by working with dozens of clients and the diverse professional backgrounds of our team members, we have expertise in various sectors of activity:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Information technology
  • Infrastructure
  • International relations
  • Procurement
  • Science & research
  • Social services
  • Trade
  • Transportation